If you have a viable business that is experiencing difficulties, we can work with you to identify and overcome the problems.

We help our clients overcome financial problems by working with them in the following ways:


This involves an analysis of the whole company and business and is followed by the implementation of a tailored restructuring plan to improve the performance of the business and the profitability of the company.  This might include:

  • Outsourcing certain operations
  • Workforce reduction exercises
  • Identifying businesses to merge with or invest in
  • Improving the distribution chain
  • Determining which products and services are truly profitable and focusing the business on those
  • Negotiating new supplier arrangements


We find that there are always ways to improve a business’s CASH FLOW.  To do this we undertake a systematic assessment of the individual parts of the business’s working capital and put in place a plan to increase the cash available to the company.

The plan might involve:

  • Identifying customers that are slow to pay and determining that their business is detrimental to the business.  (Customers who are too slow to pay may be not worth having at all.)
  • Renegotiating better payment terms with suppliers.
  • Renegotiating improved payment terms with customers.  (This requires an assessment of what your competitors are offering.)
  • Reducing inventory levels and clearing out old or obsolete stock.
  • Determining what finance the business needs and sourcing it from an appropriate lender, be it:
    • An overdraft
    • Debt factoring
    • A line of credit
    • Another solution


Our experts can help you restructure your existing debt and raise new capital that better suits your business’s needs.

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