Web Launch

Crouch Amirbeaggi Launches New Website

Well, it is finally here. A website and not just a website. If you stopped by our front page you might have read that the company Shabnam and I started quite a while back, the eponymously titled Crouch Amirbeaggi, had become, excuse the expression, a two-speed company. A large part of our company is involved in high-value corporate matters. From consultancy to insolvency proceedings, corporate work can be both complex and lengthy. Some of our forensic accountants or lawyers could be on one job for a year or more. In that time, increasingly, Shabnam and I found ourselves asking some pretty hard working people to look into a ‘small and easy job’. Reactions and responses are best not documented here. Suffice it to say it became clear to both of us that these informal secondments were not sustainable.

Now, what do you do when someone you know asks if you can help a family member or friend of theirs who are in some kind of financial distress? You find a way to hold back your skepticism and politely explain that perhaps they should seek some financial advice. Then you hear about the dodgy lender, the illness or some sudden change in trading conditions and so on.

Long story short, we found ourselves agreeing to take on small business cases and personal bankruptcies. And we recruited staff to help. So, Shabnam and I have worked on quite a number of small scale cases and it didn’t quite turn out as expected.

It is true that if our sole focus was profit we would be best served by large corporate work. The larger the better. However, it turns out that helping people brings its own rewards. Getting a person or family in financial distress the best possible outcome when they are facing hard times is a job worth doing. Sometimes, especially with older clients who have traded for a long period of time, it is about helping them see the rather large writing on the wall. I’m not saying we are moonlighting as counsellors, but occasionally we might be doing a pretty good impersonation.

Call it a garden variety mid-life crisis, but nowadays I look forward to working in the personal and small enterprise areas. Certainly, it is satisfying to get outcomes in relatively short timeframes. Something that is not often the case with corporate insolvency where complex cases can take many years.

We hope that here you will find useful information on our new and growing web site. Apart from all the resources, we will also be adding to our case studies and plan to maintain a robust and interesting blog, where some of Australia’s best writers – not just on business – will contribute. Stay connected!